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    What is Tnreginet?

    Tnreginet is the official portal of the Tamil Nadu registration department, through which the state government provides a variety of services to its inhabitants, including document registration. The Tnreginet website is designed to make the registration of births, marriages, deaths, and chit funds easier. Users can also use it to look up encumbrance certifications.

    The Tnreginet portal also serves as a repository for information on land and property transactions and ownership.

    The Tamil Nadu registration department is led by an inspector-general of registration (igr), who is in charge of the Tnreginet portal’s services.

    Tnreginet Services

    The state government of Tamil Nadu has launched a digital programme to provide residents with a variety of online services. Encumbrance certificates, marriage certificates, birth certificates, and death certificates are among the services available.

    Inspector general of registration is the name of this digital programme. Tamil Nadu residents can use this website to get a variety of services. Tata consultancy services limited developed and maintains a comprehensive web portal.


    This initiative is in place to provide people with online services. This will make it easier for applicants to obtain numerous vital government certifications via the internet. Making certificates digital will allow consumers to access them from anywhere. This will aid in the endorsement of a variety of services. It will also boost service transparency and make accessibility easier.

    List of Tnreginet services

    Tnreginet offers a variety of online services. This includes the following:

    1. Birth and death certificate
    2. Registration online
    3. Marriage certificate
    4. Issue and checking of the status of encumbrance certificate
    5. Online certificate document
    6. Registration of letter documents
    7. Guide value search
    8. Know jurisdiction
    9. Registration and search of document writer
    10. Land and property registration
    11. Registration of stamp vendors
    12. Online status check of documents

    How to do Tnreginet registration?

    Tnreginet portal requires applicants to register to gain access and provide information. This comprises the following step-by-step instructions. Carefully follow the steps below:

    1. Go to Tnreginet’s official website []
    2. There is a registration option on the homepage.
    3. This will appear as a drop-down menu on the screen.
    4. Select “user registration” from the drop-down menu.
    5. It will take you to a new page where you will be prompted for more information. Fill in information such as user type, username, security question, password, email, birth date, gender of mobile phone, and so on.
    6. Include a copy of your id proof and id type along with your address.
    7. OTP is provided to the registered email and mobile number after entering the code.
    8. Complete the registration process by entering these details and clicking the “complete registration” button.
    9. This completes the registration process and submits the application form.

    Tnreginet encumbrance certificate application

    If the applicant wants to apply for an encumbrance certificate, they must follow the steps outlined below. Follow these steps to obtain an encumbrance certificate:

    • Open official web portal of Tnreginet
    • Login on page with username and password
    • On the homepage applicant will find an option to apply online
    • This option is available under encumbrance certificate
    • Application form will show on the screen
    • Fill in all the information correctly which is asked and upload the desired document
    • Preview the application and cross-check all the details before final submission
    • Submit the application form and download it for future reference

    Tnreginet EC: how to search encumbrance certificate on Tnreginet?

    The Tamil Nadu government mandated that the registration department give encumbrance certificates (EC) to businesses within three days starting in 2021. Encumbrance certificates can be downloaded for free from the Tnreginet government portal. You can also acquire a certified ec copy by e-mail in three days.

    To view Tnreginet ec online, follow these steps:

    • Step 1: on the Tnreginet portal, click on the option ‘e-services’.
    • Step 2: when you reach the ‘encumbrance certificate’ option on Tnreginet, click on ‘view EC.
    • Step 3: the Tnreginet portal will display the ‘search encumbrance certificate’ screen. Fill in all the details to proceed with Tnreginet online ec search.
    • Step 4: fill in the zone, district, EC start date, and survey details, and click the ‘add’ button. Enter the captcha code and click ‘search’.

    Tnreginet guideline value

    The Tnreginet guideline value is the lowest price at which land and property in Tamil Nadu can be registered.

    For the uninitiated, state governments are in charge of determining the monetary value of all land and property under their control. Every piece of land and property is assigned a minimum rate below which it cannot be sold. In different parts of India, this minimal transaction rate is referred to as circle rate, minimum value rate, ready reckoner rate, guideline value or guidance value, collector rates, and so on. Tnreginet guideline value is the basic minimal value in tn.

    The Tnreginet guideline value is amended from time to time, as it does in all states, to bring the guideline value of the property closer to market rates.

    The Tnreginet guideline value is based on property sales data from the previous two years, as well as on-field inspections.

    Guideline value Tnreginet: steps to check guideline value of a property in TN

    Tnreginet allows potential buyers and sellers in Tamil Nadu to examine property guideline values online. On the Tnreginet webpage, follow these procedures to figure out the Tamil Nadu guideline value of land and property:

    • Step 1: go to the Tnreginet portal, Click on ‘guideline value’ on the home page.
    • Step 2: on the next page, you can see the guideline value of property in Tamil Nadu from 2002 to 2017. (This is when the guidance value in Tamil Nadu was last revised).
    • Step 3: choose the period for which the Tnreginet guideline value should be checked. The page ‘guideline value & property valuation’ will be redirected to you. Fill in all of the relevant information and click ‘search.’

    Note: In developed areas, the guidance value is based on the street number, whereas in developing areas, it is based on the survey number for land and property. To continue your Tnreginet search, select the option that applies to your situation. Tnreginet has information on the guideline value of roughly 2.19 lakh streets and over 4.46 crore survey numbers.

    • Step 4: Tnreginet’s search results will provide the Tamil Nadu guideline value for each street, based on the zone and registration information you provide.

    Tnreginet: Jurisdiction check process

    Only your local government can supply you with information about the land and other related matters. Follow these procedures on the Tnreginet portal to determine your area’s local jurisdiction:

    • Go to the ‘know your jurisdiction’ option on the Tnreginet webpage.
    • Fill in the street or village name and click the ‘submit’ button.

    Tnreginet help desk number

    The foregoing information covers everything you need to know about using the Tnreginet website. Each phase of the feature must be followed according to the user’s service requirements. Candidates might contact the official authority if they have any problems. The following are the phone numbers to call if you need to contact a registry official:

    Helpline number: 1800 102 5174

    Call on this number on working days in a working hour. For Monday to Friday working hours is 8 am. To 8 pm. For Saturday it is 10 am. to 5 pm. Applicant can also contact for any query on 04424 640 160 or 044 2464 2774.

    They can also contact the official authority through an email address. Email address for contact is


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