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    Get details about sarathi parivahan sewa portal login, customer care, application status online, RC or driving licence download, RTO, UP, Delhi, MP, Punjab, HP, Gujarat and all other Indian states and union territories.

    The website “parivahan seva” was launched by the ministry of road transport and highways. This website is for anyone who wants to apply for a driver’s license using electronic means. In today’s world, time is valuable, and not everyone has the time to go to the RTO and apply for a driver’s license.

    Keeping this in mind, the Indian government has created “” with a single click, the portal provides access to a variety of services. A lot of manual effort has been reduced because of this website. Interested candidates will not have to visit RTO offices multiple times to verify the status of their applications, renew their licenses, and so forth.

    In addition, parivahan assists in obtaining aadhaar cards, passports, and other papers. Continue reading our section till the end for more interesting information like this, and ask more and more questions about the subject.

    Essential licence services provided by Sarathi Parivahan portal

    These are the main license features granted by the website:

    • Learner license
    • Driving school license
    • Conductor license
    • Drivers/ Learners License
    • Check application status
    • Online Test/ Appointment
    • Vehicle Registration
    • Fancy Number Allocation
    • National Permit
    • VLTD Maker
    • SLD Maker
    • CNG Maker
    • Homologation
    • mParivahan
    • PUCC
    • eChallan System
    • Vahan Green Sewa
    • VAHAN Dashboard
    • Sarathi Dashboard


    What are parivahan sewa portal benefits?

    The portal contains several tools that Indian individuals can use. Take a look at the following benefits:

    • Candidates who wish to apply for DL do not need to go to the RTO office; instead, they can apply online through the parivahan sarathi website.
    • Citizens will save significant time and money by utilizing this service.
    • The parivahan sarathi portal also offers aadhaar card and passport creation services.
    • Candidates can check the status of their DL application and other documents from their home.
    • The use of paper has decreased after the introduction of the “parivahan sarathi” online portal.
    • The parivahan sarth sewa portal would provide government services in a timely and efficient manner.
    • This step will promote “digitization” and increase transparency between the government and the general public.
    • With the use of this platform, inhabitants of India now have more reliable transit options.

    How do I apply for a permanent driving license on

    Sarathi parivahan sewa is the website you go to if you want to apply for a driver’s license online. However, you must first prepare a great collection of documents that will be required for obtaining a permanent driving license in india.

    Here is the list of documents:

    • Id proof
    • Age proof
    • 3-5 passport size photos
    • Address proof
    • School leaving certificate

    That’s it, you will not anything except the above papers.

    • After you’ve gathered all of these documents, go to the website and fill out the online application for a driving license. However, you must first apply for a learning license in India before seeking a permanent driving license.
    • Now, submit the form on the site after completing the online application for a driving license.
    • Your mobile number will now receive a newly created application number. This number should be saved for future use.
    • Simply download the application for a driving license acknowledgment. Following that, you must pay the driving licence fees.
    • To do so, go back to the sarathi parivahan sewa website,, and click on the fee payment option. Now enter your application number and date of birth to see if the charge is correct. Finally, pay your DL costs online.
    • There is only one stage left after you have paid the costs. And the next step is to make an appointment with the RTO for a driving license exam. Yes, to receive a driving license and drive any motor vehicle in India, you must pass a test.
    • You must also go to the sarathi parivahan sewa to schedule a driving test appointment. Simply go to the website and select slot booking from the drop-down menu. Enter your application number and date of birth to reserve a time slot.
    • Now go to and select your favorite date and time from the slot booking calendar, then complete the slot booking process.
    • Your online application for a driving license is now complete. The next step is to go to sarathi parivahan sewa and download all of the essential paperwork.
    • Simply click the button on the site’s homepage to check the status of your application. Now type in your application number and date of birth once more, as well as the captcha code.
    • After that, you can check the status of your application, and now you can see all of your driving license application forms on this website.
    • The acknowledgment of the driving license application, form no. 2, the payment receipt, and the driving license slot booking receipt must all be downloaded.
    • After you’ve downloaded all of the forms, you’ll need to physically fill out form no. 2 with all of the required information. Aside from that, attach a beautiful passport-sized photograph and sign the form in the appropriate spots.
    • Take a photocopy of your aadhar card, pan card, water or electricity bill, proof of age, and so on. And then staple all of these documents together to form a lovely bunch.
    • Finally, take all of these documents to your local RTO (regional transport office) and turn in all of the paperwork.
    • Many dedicated windows for various types of work can be found in the RTO . The work is almost done once you submit the documents and complete the appropriate procedures in the RTO .
    • Now is the time to look forward to your driving test appointment. Give the correct exam in the RTO on the scheduled appointment day.
    • And a courier service will deliver your new driver’s license to your door in ten to fifteen days.

    Mparivahan mobile application

    For the convenience of aspirants, the government has also designed a mobile application. Candidates can apply or check their status from their phones using the “m-parivahan” application. It is not necessary to apply through the official website. This software is accessible on the “play store.”


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