MAHA Bhulekh 7/12 Utara Maharashtra | Everything You Must Know About It


    In this article I will write about the importance of 7/12 when you purchase a porperty in Maharashtra. MAHA Bhulekh stands for Maharashtra Bhumi Abhilekh, is an online land record keeping portal where you can see 7/12 extract, 8A extract and Property Card.

    What is 7/12 Document?

    In Maharashtra and Gujaratn state, there is a register land record keeping register in every district and 7/12 document is a part of this, which has all information about a land, plot or property.

    What is the official website of MAHA Bhulekh?

    What Services are available on MAHA Bhulekh?

    At MAHA Bhulek, anyone can view or download documents related to land or property. These records are very useful in purchasing a land in Maharasthra. These records can show all real owner name, land size, loan details on that property.

    Property purchases are among the most important decisions you will make in your life, and there are many procedures and paperwork to ensure that the property is free of legal claims and litigation.

    7/12 extract is an extract from the Maharashtra revenue department’s land records register and is one of the documents required to purchase property in Maharashtra. When buying land in rural or semi-rural areas, you’ll need this paperwork. Because the government has barred the use of this document in Maharashtra’s urban areas, which includes Mumbai’s suburbs, the document is only useful when land parts do not have city survey counts.

    The document pertains to the land’s title, right of possession, obligations, and information. The extract is preserved separately for each town. Non-agricultural land needs the 7/12 paperwork as well. This document is designed to serve as proof of land ownership.

    Form vii: the village form 7 contains thorough information about the landowner, as well as the landholder’s rights and liabilities.

    Form xii: village form 12 contains extensive information about agricultural elements of land, such as the crops grown on the land, the type of crop, and the amount of cultivable land.

    Mahabhulekh 7/12

    • Maha bhulekh is a Maharashtra government-created web platform.
    • The mahabhulekh web portal was designed to computerize the Maharashtra government’s property records.
    • Land or landowners can easily obtain a 7/12 (satbara) and 8a malmatta patrak (khasra khatooni or jamabandi) online copy of their land through bhulekh mahabhoomi.
    • Since november 1, 2015, a visitor to the mahabhulekh web portal land documentation system has been reported; this website was apparently built-in 2012.
    • Pune is home to the office of the settlement commissioner and operator land records.
    • Maha bhulekh (ie Maharashtra bhumi abhilekh) is a Maharashtra land record website that gives citizens internet access to records 7/12 and 8a.

    Benefits of maha bhulekh:

    • This website contains all of maharashtra’s land.
    • You can view all of your land details on property sheets 7/12 and 8a (khasra khatauni or land lease) from the comfort of your own home.
    • There is no need to go to patwari khana if you want to know about your land (talathi sajja).

    The process to obtain 7/12

    We’ve put up a step-by-step guide to help you download the 7/12 document off the internet.

    • Step i: Visit
    • Step ii: Select the correct option from the six sections, namely Amravati, Aurangabad, Konkan, Nagpur, Nashik, and Pune, by clicking on the map or selecting from the box on the right side.
    • Step iii: after you’ve chosen your section, you’ll be taken to another page. Choose your district on this page.
    • Step iv: next, enter the Taluka and village for which you need to get the land record.
    • Step v: finally, you can search the land document by utilising the survey number/group number, the alphabetical survey number/group number, the first name, the name in, the last name, and the complete name.
    • Step vi: to register, provide your 10-digit mobile phone number.


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