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    The dharani portal was launched by the telangana government to make the property registration procedure easier. This telangana land records portal is only available for agricultural land at the moment.

    The state government of Telangana introduced the Dharani portal in october 2020 to make the property registration procedure easier for the citizens of Telangana. Following the lockdown due to the covid-19 epidemic, the state administration sought to bring the entire property registration process online to keep the income flowing. The portal aspires to provide a one-stop-shop for land mutation, land record search, and other land-related services in addition to property registration. However, the land records portal’s services are still limited to agricultural land. The non-agricultural Dharani portal for land and property-related services is planned to launch soon.

    Dharani Portal Telangana: Benefits

    Telangana’s government launched the Dharani portal, an integrated land records management system, to deliver smooth land administration and property registration services to Telangana residents online. Citizens in Hyderabad and other cities can access their land records with a single click through the Dharani site, bypassing the need to visit a government office. It has several advantages, including:

    • Providing a one-stop-shop for all data related to land records.
    • Automation of workflow, integration of numerous departmental systems, and use of cutting-edge current technology.
    • Providing a unified platform for managing land records, which includes preserving and updating textual records, surveys, maps, settlement operations, and immovable property registration.
    • Activation for mutation is automatic after the registration is complete or when citizens or the relevant department request it.
    • Providing real-time notifications to stakeholders for land transactional information such as purchase, sale, mortgage, and so on.
    • Using GIS tools, allowing for a real-time update of textual data.

    How to check land records on Dharani portal in Telangana?

    Follow these procedures to search ts land records on the Dharani Telangana government portal:

    • Step 1: visit the Dharani portal (click https://dharani.telangana.gov.in/) and click on ‘land details search’.
    • Step 2: you’ll be taken to a new page on the land records portal, where you can look up land by survey number or passbook number.
    • Step 3: fill in the required information, such as district, mandal, and village. From the drop-down menu, select the khata number and survey number. Select ‘fetch’ from the drop-down menu. The information will appear on your screen.

    How to view the market value of land for stamp duty on Dharani?

    Follow these methods to compute stamp duty and registration fees for dharani portal agriculture assets in Telangana:

    • Step 1: click on ‘view market value of lands’ on the dharani site.
    • Step 2: you will be routed to a new page on the land records portal, where you can choose from a drop-down menu the district, mandal, village, and survey number.
    • Step 3: fill in the captcha and press the ‘fetch’ button. The outcomes will appear on your screen.
    • From July 22, 2021, citizens will be required to pay an additional amount due to market value revisions and stamp duty/fee. Those who have reserved spots beginning July 22, 2021, must pay the difference before registering. Additionally, all people whose registrations were pending as of July 20, 2021, must pay the new fees before registering.

    How to view encumbrance details on Dharani Telangana portal?

    Before signing a contract, land buyers in Telangana should examine the Dharani portal encumbrance certificate. This certificate shows if the previous owners had any encumbrances (unpaid liabilities) on the property. To check the encumbrance certificate, follow these steps:

    • Step 1: go to the dharani website and select ‘encumbrance details.’
    • Step 2: from the drop-down menu, choose the district, mandal, village/city, and survey number.
    • Step 3: select ‘fetch’ from the drop-down menu. The outcomes will be shown on the screen.

    How to sign up and login into the Dharani Telangana website?

    Before you may use any of the portal’s services, you must first sign up. The following is a step-by-step instruction to registering and logging into the dharani portal:

    • Step 1: go to the dharani portal’s homepage and click the ‘sign up’ option. This is a requirement for new users in Telangana.
    • Step 2: to validate and register yourself, enter personal information such as your name and phone number. To validate the cellphone number and sign up, select ‘get otp.’
    • Step 3: complete your profile and input information such as your email address and address details such as state, district, mandal, village/city, and so on.

    How to search registered document details on dharani?

    On the dharani website in telangana, land purchasers can look for registration document data of any agricultural land. Here’s where you can look for it:

    • Step 1: go to the dharani website and select ‘registered document details.’
    • Step 2: mention the document number or year, as well as the district and tahsildar, in the second step.
    • Step 3: fill in the captcha and press the ‘fetch’ button. The outcomes will be shown on the screen.

    How to search pahani and ror-1b details in Telangana?

    While the Telangana government has stopped searching for pahani and ror-1b on the dharani portal, the chief commissioner of land administration portal still has these papers available, which can be found by following these steps:

    • Step 1: go to the Telangana CCLA portal.
    • Step 2: from the drop-down menu, select the district, division, mandal, and village.
    • Step 3: search pahani using the khata number, buyer/seller name, or mutation date on the next page of dharani.telangana.gov.in.
    • Step 4: fill out the captcha and then click ‘get details.’ the outcomes will appear on your screen.

    Services available for NRI’s on Dharani website

    Non-resident Indians (NRI) can utilize the dharani site to apply for an e-property passbook (EPPB) and to conduct a variety of land-related transactions. The ‘NRI portal’ option can be found on the dharani website’s home page. Then, to proceed, click on the specified button.

    To use the services provided by the government of Telangana’s dharani integrated land records management system, users must first log in. To proceed, first-time users should create an account.


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